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Is the, "Live, Love, Hope" Community actually private?

Yes! It's 100% private. No one from your personal Facebook account will be able to see what you like or post.

Why isn't there more content about...

I started blogging in March 2016 knowing nothing about blogging. I'm very excited about the direction Grey Ministries is headed but I'm taking the slow and steady route. I want to be sure you only get the BEST content and a truly helpful experience. If you feel there's something I'm missing you have a voice for and experience in, please submit your story for review! [SUBMISSION PAGE COMING SOON!]

Have you always been a Christian?

Yes... but I didn't always act like one. I accepted Jesus into my heart when I was seven years old but truth be told, I didn't "get it" until after I had my first son. I was mentored and taught by a wonderful woman who planted seeds in my heart for ministry. The moral of the story is, no matter how many years you've been a sheep "led astray" Jesus is overjoyed when you return!

Can God cure addiction?

Yes. God is bigger than addiction. I've seen it happen. Hundreds of thousands of people are being set free from addiction through the healing power of Christ. When they surrender completley they become new people, different people, people with a purpose. An addict in recovery is a beautiful testimony to God. The place where this answer gets tricky is you have to understand we all have free will. God can heal someone and the next day, they turn back to their drug of choice. It doesn't mean they wern't healed, the flesh is weak. If you're the loved one of someone struggling with an addiction your number one job is to support them in prayer. Pray against what the eyes can't see: quiet temptations, a lack of self-control and self-medication. Hope for them. God wants all His children to come home.

Are you always going to be anonymous?

Nope! One day I'll have a big reveal but I haven't quite decided how yet. Stay tuned by following me on Instagram @helloleahgrey to see what happens!


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