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Why Your Donation is Needed

Research and history has shown that people who struggle with addictions have significantly less relapses and a higher chance of long-term recovery when their closest friends and family members are champions of their recovery.

The support and recovery of family members is essential to the recovery of the entire family unit. It reduces conflict, creates a more functional home environment, resolves the need for secrecy and protects the emotional security of children. 

The transition from treatment to home can be especially difficult but the reality is that the family members of people with addictions shoulder so many responsibilities in the absence of their loved ones, that their own recovery often gets put on the back burner leaving unresolved pain and trauma. 

Recovery is process that both the person struggling with addiction and those who love them need to walk through- together.

Family members do not generally receive the same amount of community, faith and mental health support, which is why Grey Ministries was created in the first place. To encourage, inspire and help the loved ones of people with addictions so we can fight addiction on all fronts.

Your generosity will bring hope and restoration to marriages and family relationships around the world. It truly is a gift that will keep on giving. 

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