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G R A C I E by Grey Ministries is a brand with a cause! Research has shown that those who struggle with addiction have a higher chance of long-term sobriety when their family members are champions of their recovery. However, family members carry tremendous financial and emotional burdens without receiving the same amount of community, faith and mental health support as their loved ones. 

Here at G R A C I E, we believe love is greater than addiction, which is why 100% of your purchase goes to supporting Grey Ministries, a faith-based outreach created to encourage, inspire and help women with loved ones battling addiction. Together, we stand on the front line of the epidemic fighting the battle with the most powerful weapon of all- the heart. 

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Giant Wool Prayer Blankets

Yes, each blanket has been filled with hundreds of stitches of prayers for you and your family! Amazingly, although some overlap, no blanket has been the exact same prayers. Isn't that the way God works, though? He knows each of our needs and desires. Some have had prayers for ministry, others for financial burdens to be taken care of, for fertility or deliverance from addiction.

Let us cover you in prayer- pick your colour here!

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