How will I ever trust him again?
— The Wife
My biggest fear is that they’re going to die.
— The Mom
I love them so much and there’s nothing I can do to help them.
— The Sibling

Leah grey, Founder of Grey Ministries. Support for women with loved ones who struggle with addictions

Hello, I'm Leah Grey.

I'm the wife of an addict. 

I was living with my husband in New York until he went into long-term treatment for substance addiction. Unable to afford to stay, I picked up my childhood dreams and moved back home to rural Ontario, Canada with my two young boys.

When I first realized my husband was struggling with addiction, I didn't know what to do. I felt alone. I was desperate for resources. I reached out to pastors and therapists in my community but I was overwhelmed with advice. Meanwhile, my husband's battle continued. 

Addiction is isolating. I felt like my life was too depressing to burden new friends with. After all, nobody likes drama and my whole life was drama. My family was emotionally involved and I didn't want to tell them what was happening. Al-Anon wasn't an option because I didn't have (and couldn't afford) a babysitter for a night out (What a night out anyway, going to a meeting!). In a city full of strangers, I didn't know where to turn.  

Lost and directionless, after exhausting all my options, I realized it was just me... and God. In my desperate place, God overwhelmed me with hope. From my beautiful but lonely apartment just outside the city to my parent's basement back in Southern Ontario, I tuned out every well-meaning voice to tune into God's. He led me here. To you.  

This chapter of my story has been the most challenging one I've had and though it isn't over yet, I'm a better person because of it. My husband is in recovery and I'm incredibly proud of him. Like any good adventure, there are inevitable bumps lying on the road ahead but I know now, whatever bumps we hit, God has my life in His loving hands.  

I'm not a pastor, a med school grad or drug counsellor or even a super, tough, independent woman; I'm a small-town girl who trusted God in a darkness I couldn't fight. I know you're struggling and going through something really hard. I know it's been dark and difficult and you've been feeling burdened and overwhelmed. I know how hard the every day can be when your everyday is a nightmare. 

But you're not alone. I am just like you. And I'm here to tell you that God wants to win this fight for you. He wants to lift this heavy burden off your shoulders so He can take your hand and lead you to your own happy ending. Everything is going to be okay. You can be okay. Even more, you can be joyful. 

With God, there is freedom from addiction. Come, stay awhile, I'll show you how. 


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