Wives of Addicts

There's a special place in my heart for women married to people struggling with addictions. I've been there. I am there. I get it. In the Christian community it's hard to find support around addiction. We don't know how to talk about it because it's so "taboo". We pretend it isn't happening behind smiles on Sundays but hey- this is real life. It's our life.

If you're a believer and the wife of an addict, read articles just for you.

The Be Still Series

When you have a loved one fighting an addiction, finding joy in the everyday can be a struggle. Addiction doesn't just steal their life, it steals yours too! But it is possible to have emotional freedom while still supporting your loved one with an addiction. My weekly Bible Study, The "Be Still" Series will help you get through this tough season of life with more joy and less overwhelm. Be warned- it's not your average Bible Study. Created for women in crisis, it's down-to-earth, real-talk. 

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Join the Community

When I was going through the worst part of my husband's battle with addiction, I found little support. The loneliness and isolation for family members of addicts is devastating. I want you to know, you're not alone! The Live, Love, Hope Community is a private place for you to connect with other women who know what you're going through. Be supported, encouraged in your faith and help others as we walk this difficult road- together.

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A Book for Parents

What every parent needs to know in a world full of drugs, drinking and gasp! Sex. If you're a Christian parent struggling with how you're going to successfully raise children in an increasingly sex-crazed, sin-filled, oh-my-goodness what can we do kind of world, this short book entitled, "We're Not Okay" is five dollars well-spent. Written from my own experience as a Christian "wild child", it's a testimony to the importance of teaching children their identity in a broken world. 

Read the Introduction.


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Hello, I'm Leah Grey. You may have seen me on Pinterest or around on social media- I'm the girl talking about Christians with addictions. There's no statistics on addiction in the church but one thing is for sure, addiction is running rampant. I say it all the time but we never know what's happening behind closed doors. The nice family down the street? Her husband hasn't touched her in years because he's addicted to porn. The woman who volunteered at the bake sale last week? She suffers from anxiety because her husband lost their retirement savings gambling. The put-together, pretty girl in church with the perfect hair?

That's me. And my life is far from perfect. 

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It's my dream to have this ministry reach women globally to encourage and empower them to support their loved ones struggling with addictions in emotional freedom that can only come from God. If this website has helped you please consider becoming a partner with Grey Ministries by giving a financial donation. Your donation will be used to support the growth of this ministry. Click here to pledge any amount or if financial donations are not something you can do right now, here's a few other ways you could get involved.