UnBound Me Video Course


UnBound Me Video Course

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UnBound Me is a four-step video course on everything you need to know about making loving, Godly boundaries.  

When I was looking for help during my husband's battle with addiction I was told by everyone to make, and stick to, boundaries. The problem was, I didn't know what boundaries were. I made appointments with counsellors and pastors, read books and learned about healthy boundaries but no matter what I did, nothing felt like it was working. 

The only thing I knew for sure was that what I was doing, wasn't bringing me joy.

Thankfully, God knew what I needed... 

to break the chains of addiction.

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UnBound Me is for women with loved ones in both the active addiction and recovery phase.

It's not designed to replace advice from a professional therapist or spiritual leader, support groups or medication but to take your relationship with God to the next level so you may be full of renewed hope and your heart flooded with God's love!

More info to come, the release date will be June 1, 2017.